Tru Flare distress signalsurn off your harmful methane. Ignite the flare stack on your oil rig or landfill with Tru-Flare. improve your chances of rescue and survival when in danger. These pen-sized distress signals weigh only 1.4 oz and can be worn in your pocket.

Flares fire 150 feet high and can be seen from 9 miles away (18 miles at night). At 15,000 candela, the flares are as bright as 215 60W light bulbs.

They are designed to extinguish after 6 seconds, before they descend to the tree tops, to prevent forest-fires.

The 115 decibel rapport of the Bear-Banger flares can be used for audible signaling. They project 130 feet to provide wide-area coverage.

Water and corrosion resistant, the Tru Flare products carry a lifetime warranty. Used by the Forest Service, Boy Scouts, the military, FAA pilots, camping, fishing, canoe, hiking, climbing, hunting, cross-country ski, sea-doo, ski-mobile, aviation.

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Available for purchase by State and local government entities in accordance with Section 833 Disaster Recovery Purchasing
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
State and local government entities can purchase in accordance with Section 211 of the E-Government Act of 2002
American Reinvestment & Recovery Act
General Services Administration Advantage for Government Buyers
GSA Contract GS-07F-0192Y
American Reinvestment & Recovery Act